Mayor Anthony Williams awarded Sandra Hicks a Customer Service Excellence Award.

Customer Service Is an Art


Customer service is an art.  It's not an art field that can thrive in the abstract.  The customer service arena is an area that needs the talents of impressionists and expressionists to apply artful mastery to canvases.  It needs adept marketers who keenly feel the heart beat of what is necessary to execute service on excellent levels. 

Responsiveness is significant in the business of customer service.  It is less than professional to neglect consistent feedback and follow up with clientele.  The skill of listening is essential in customer service relations.  Also, consumers expect representatives to empathize relative to their concerns. 



Solid Journey rates vary.

Editing produced by Solid Journey - Manuscripts:

- Per single-spaced page (see below for fee information on electronic fees, including websites, as well as fee information for cover letters, bios, book reviews, etc.) 


There is a $50.00 minimum fee ($75.00 minimum for websites . . . ) for any editing job performed by Solid Journey.

Specify what level of editing you desire.

* Proofreading - Spelling, punctuation, and word find/replacements - $3.00 per page

* Copy editing - Same as above but includes grammar correction, and review of overall tone of work - $4.00 per page

* Substantive - Line by line, everything is overhauled, as well as basic corrections - $7.00 per page

Clients pay for half of job up front with balance due on date that project is completed.  Completed work is submitted to client once final payment has been issued to Solid Journey.

Writing produced by Solid Journey:

There is a $50.00 minimum fee ($75.00 minimum for websites . . .) for any writing job performed by Solid Journey.


Electronic posting of written content produced by Solid Journey:


Fees are separate for electronic posting of written content produced by Solid Journey. Electronic postings receive more views; therefore, they are priced at higher fees. 


Fees for writing/editing articles, essays, short stories, letters, short bios, mission statements, and book reviews start at $50.00 minimum.  For websites, the minimum is $75.00 and $30.00 per additional page. 

Besides websites, there is a $75.00 minimum fee for written content produced by Solid Journey that will be posted electronically. 

Electronic posting includes on websites, blogs, Facebook, Myspace, and any other electronic means, including e-mail transmissions except for distribution/transmissions to authorized decision making personnel of clients, and Solid Journey.     

Clients are welcome to phone to discuss specifics.

Forms of payment are PayPal, cash, money orders, and money grams.  No checks are accepted. PayPal payments are to be sent using e-mail address [email protected]. Please make money orders/grams payable to Sandra Hicks.  Receipts are issued for all monetary transactions.  

After contract has been signed by Solid Journey and client, if client elects to cancel contract, a cancellation fee will be charged based on how much work Solid Journey has done prior to cancellation by client.  The minimum cancellation fee is $50.00.

The consultant rate is $25.00 for 1/2 hour -- $50.00 per hour. 

Jobs for writing/editing should be submitted per job in one type-written paper copy and via computer transmission with pages numbered, and typed as 8-1/2 x 11" in double spaced format, 1" margins with use of a 12 pt. sized, Times New Roman, Garamond, or Ariel font style.  E-mail attachments (compatible with Word) are acceptable.  Solid Journey uses Word doc and Word docx formats. 

Solid Journey applies additional costs if documents from clients aren't submitted in the above mentioned formats. 


Each assignment will have unique differences.  This website does not include the specifics tailored to each client.  After discussions, when clients agree to hire Solid Journey, Solid Journey submits contracts to subject clients for signatures of involved parties.  For fair and reasonable pricing to be agreed upon, it is essential to discuss with each client precisely what is necessary for effective work to be done. Yes, some aspects are negotiable.  Please contact Solid Journey at [email protected]  - (202) 388-1280 - to discuss your specific needs.

Prior to start of work, and before acceptance of payments, 
Solid Journey will furnish clients representative written samples of, not more than two paragraphs, in order for clients to review the style of writing/editing that will be presented.  Solid Journey submits work, via e-mail attachments, in Word document format.  Allow a minimum of three business days for completion.  Book manuscripts, of course, take longer.  Discussions with clients will address such time frames.  With the exception of book manuscripts, there is an additional fee for turnaround times of less than three business days. 

Clients are encouraged to do research online and elsewhere to learn what constitutes fair payment to writers, editors, and consultants.  Remember, "United, We Make It Happen."

Thank you for your consideration.

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