Following are some comments submitted about Hicks’ writing and editing:


- "I love your work, it takes me back to my studies of Hebrew poetry- and you blend images expertly!" - J.R., PhD

- “…I was astounded by her writing skills. I don’t recall meeting anyone who is as diligent and faithful to her word and work as Sandra. She is truly a woman of great integrity.” A. Rogers Ray, Publisher

- “Ms.Sandra Hicks is a gifted writer-- her writing is interesting, informative, and unique. I find her work to be humorous,enjoyable and entertaining.”P. Q., School Teacher

- “Ms. Hicks has a clear and direct writing style. Her words are spare and not elaborate, getting across her meanings and always keeping her readers on balance. Hers is a professional kind of communication where the goal is always clarity, brevity, immediacy and succinctness,… Her sentences, in these respects, are always grammatically correct.

“As an editor, she is also skilled. She understands the intents and meanings of other writers, which is what an editor should always understand to make suggestions and improvements.” M. C., College Instructor and PhD candidate

- “You have an amazing talent for writing.” L. S., Registered Nurse

- “Sandra writes with such clarity and integrity. She's a trailblazer who has always been responsible, reliable and relentless when it comes to getting a job done.” - K. F. , Contract Specialist

- “Thank you very much for the editing service you provided for me on my manuscript, Celebrating Men. As I expected, you were professional, thorough, responsive to deadlines and offered great customer service overall. The manuscript summary you prepared was exceptionally well done and very helpful.” B. N., Author

- “Your professionalism and support reflect your dedication to excellence. I’ve always enjoyed your ability to mold words into a vision that reflects deeper meanings. You’ve assisted me in accomplishing something I’ve always wanted to do – write.” A. M., Business Owner, Author, Consultant

Quotes This is what one of my clients, L. Hollis expressed: "Thank you and I truly appreciate your integrity and your honesty. You never tried to get over or take advantage of me in any way at all. I look forward to working with you again soon." Quotes
L. Hollis