Solid Journey

Solid Journey is licensed in Washington, D.C.  The license number is 70101848.


Unique gifts reside in people.  Those divinely appointed gifts function to build what leads to constructive courses for ultimate fulfillment.


The motto for Solid Journey is, “United, We Make It Happen.”  Solid Journey was formed by its President, Sandra Hicks, to augment the zest and vitality that resides in the hearts of those who purpose to impressively impact lives.  Clients come on board to progress in journeys that are undeniably sturdy.  Solid Journey is an ingredient in the clientele mix to add to the core of the varied pursuits for excellence.


Writer - Hicks finds delight and pleasure in the art of writing – her choice to pursue it is without regret.  The knowledge, wisdom, and joy that the practice contains prove worth the value of the words.  Hicks writes with the definite aim to influence, encourage, impact, and challenge.  When she writes, she is fueled by robust intensity that urges her to stimulate, and captivate her audience.  For years, admirers have complimented the style of her writing.  One admirer stated that her writing is alive.  It is Hicks’ humble desire to continue to contribute what her writing can instill to make a positive and indelible difference.  


Hicks has been a published writer for more than twenty-seven years.  She’s written and had published more than five e-Books, two of which received five star review ratings.  One of her e-Book short stories received a three star review rating. 


Hicks writes books, short stories, commentaries, essays, cover letters, book reviews, bio sketches, Letters to the Editor, and poetry as well as other material, as per request.  She has been published in The Los Angeles Sentinel, The Baltimore Sun, The Afro American, The Washington Informer as well as in Charisma, Ebony, Washingtonian, Baltimore, and Black Enterprise magazines.  


Editor – Clients expect Hicks to edit their submissions to enhance what they express.  Hicks skillfully satisfies the expectations of those who elect to use her services.  The edit process for Hicks is to resolve to retain the personalities of her clients as she complements the core of their work.  It is essential to recognize that Hicks is not the authority on what has been authored by others.  She deems to unite with the authors to make it happen.  Her skills are certainly beneficial; however, she cannot succeed without the valuable contributions of her clients.


The most recent book that Hicks edited is titled, Celebrating Men, by Beverly Niles.  Upon completion of that book project, Ms. Niles wrote a glowing letter of recommendation relative to the expert editing skills of Hicks.  Hicks does frequent editing for Angela Whack, the co-owner of Tommy’s Towing and Storage.  Hicks looks forward to more editing assignments for those who are eager to produce professional presentations. 


Consultant – Hicks has a range of knowledge in the area of customer service.  She worked, in excess of five years, as a Customer Service Specialist, for D.C. Government where she received from the then Mayor, Anthony Williams, a “Customer Service Excellence Award." 

Also, Hicks has a wealth of knowledge about life experiences, lessons, priorities, relationship/spiritual choices, and progressive goals. 


The e-mail address is [email protected].

Solid Journey is diligent about the practice of integrity. It's a foundational necessity to, indeed, be honest, considerate, and professional.

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